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This page contains news releases about Retech, and information about our furnaces, including Electron Beam Furnaces and Plasma Furnaces such as VIM, VAR and PACT furnaces.

It includes industry news related to advanced thermal processing, including titanium, silicon, and powder production, and the precision melt furnace industry.

Current: Sept 2012
Max P. Schlienger, the retired president and owner of Retech Systems LLC, Ukiah, CA, is the recipient of the International Titanium Association's (ITA) 2012 Titanium Achievement Award.

The annual award recognizes exceptional career contributions to technology and applications in the titanium industry. James Goltz, president of Retech nominated Mr. Schlienger for the award and letters of endorsement were received by Leroy Leland, vice president of Sales at Retech; Howard Harker, retired vice president of Titanium Metals Corp. (TIMET), Dallas; and James Perryman Sr., chairman of Perryman Co., Houston, PA.

The ITA will present the award to Mr. Schlienger at TITANIUM 2012, the 28th annual conference and exhibition, which will be held Oct. 7-10 at the Hilton Atlanta.

A 1950 graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Schlienger served in the Navy from 1945-46 and 1950-52. From 1952 to 1963 he worked at TIMET, Universal Cyclops Steel and Stauffer Metals/Fansteel Metallurgical Corp., holding positions such as project engineer, engineering manager and plant manager. In 1963 he founded Schlienger Engineering Co., in San Rafael, CA, which eventually became Retech.

Retech specializes in the design, development and construction of vacuum- and inert-atmosphere metallurgical processing equipment (Vacuum Arc Remelting; VAR), used for the melting, refining and casting of various high-performance industrial metals.

Goltz noted that Retech, under the guidance of Schlienger, was the first company to specialize in designing production equipment to suit the needs of titanium. He referred to Schlienger as the "driving force" behind the development of three key elements: safety and electrode management systems for VARs; continuous-process, cold-hearth melting furnaces; and "Rototrode"LIl scrap consolidation.

"Most importantly, Max is primarily responsible for the development of plasma as a viable technology for melting titanium," Goltz wrote. "Without the use of plasma, the preparation of many of the complex alloys currently being favored by specialty (metals) users would simply not be possible. I'm honored to nominate Max Schlienger for the Titanium Achievement Award."

Max's contributions have always kept a focus on safety in his equipment designs. Today his pressure relief systems and patented X 梇 electrode manipulator are a standard request on all new VAR furnace installations. The X-Y feature allows real-time electrode centering throughout the entire VAR melt, thus preventing arc contact with the water-cooled crucible.

Underlining Schlienger's focus on safety in the design of production equipment, Leland pointed out that pressure-relief systems originally pioneered by Schlienger, the patented X-Y electrode manipulator, are standard equipment on today's VAR furnace installations. "The X-Y feature allows real-time electrode centering throughout the entire VAR melt, thus preventing arc contact with the water-cooled crucible." "It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside one of the true pioneers in the titanium industry," Leland said.

Harker lauded Schlienger as a leader in the design of specialized metals melting systems, including VAR, electron beam and plasma titanium hearth melt furnaces. "I've been a long-time customer and admirer of Max. He has made significant contributions to titanium melting technology."

Perryman, who recalled working with Schlienger more than 50 years ago, concurred with Harker, saying Schlienger's engineering and production capability "gave the titanium industry a source for melting equipment. He is well deserving of this award."

Schlienger holds 22 patents and in 1995 was tapped by the Small Business Administration as California's "Small Business Person of the Year." He went on to win the "US Small Business Person of the Year" award which was presented to Mr. Schlienger by President Bill Clinton in 1995.

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